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Tempered Glass from Plus glass

Shandong Senhong Glass Co., Ltd

As China Tempered Glass Manufacturer, We established in 2003, Shandong Senhong Glass Co., Ltd, a well-known China laminated glass and tempered glass supplier, is located in Shandong Province. Senhong Glass has been in the glass business for over 10 years and has full experience in exporting building glass all over the world.

At Senhong Glass, we put our customers’ needs and requirements first, by doing so we ensure that our customers not only receive the best possible product but also the best service. Welcome ing.

Plus Glass (The Best China Tempered Glass Manufacturer)

Plus Glass, one of the leading China Tempered Glass Manufacturers, the founding team comes from the Glass Industry Association and has nearly 20 years of experience in the glass industry. Our glass types include Tempered Glass, Frosted Glass, Laminated Glass, Float Glass, Privacy Glass, Safety Glass, Insulated Glass, etc. At here, your custom shape, color, edge polishing, hole drilling, cutting, and curved all are available.

We already have 8 main production bases, including Malaysia’s production base. Based on professional service and uncompromising product quality, our products have been recognized by Fortune 500 companies like IKEA, Sheraton Hotel, Samsung and etc. we will still focus on improving better quality and giving clients the best service.

In order to meet clients’ needs, we have increased our investment in advanced production equipment. Currently, we have: Glass CNC machining machines, water cutting facilities, automatic CNC drilling machines, dust-free screen printing workshop, glass laser engraving machine, and glass laminating machine, etc. more equipment will bring continually in future.

We aim to be NO. 1 of China Tempered Glass Manufacturers.

Shenzhen Sun Global Glass Co., Ltd

Founded in 1993, is a professional China Tempered Glass Manufacturers for construction glass. Our main glass includes tempered glass, PVBlaminated glass, SGP laminated glass, curved glass, gradient glass, fluted glass, insulated glass, etc. All our production strictly follows ISO 9001 quality system control and our glass pass CEEN14449, SGCC ANSI Z97, EN12153, EN12150, etc. Our factory takes careful inspection before delivery, to ensure our clients will receive the best quality glass.

Shenzhen Jimy Glass Co., Ltd.

Established in 1993, this is one of the China Tempered Glass Manufacturers enterprises value-added processing and wholesaling of high quality customized architectural glass, focus on flat and curved tempered glass, laminated glass, insulated glass, switchable PDLC smart glass, U channel glass, etc., with customized thickness and size, max size could reach to 3.3×12 meters, widely used for glass cladding curtain walls, glass spider exterior walls, balcony glass railings, interior glass partition walls, glass floors, large glass shopfronts, glass skylight roofs, etc., require any glass for your projects, welcome to contact us any time for details.

Dongguan City KunXing Glass Co., Ltd.

KunXing glass company, established in 2004 in Dongguan City, is a professional China Tempered Glass Manufacturers, building glass processing factory, engaged in the production, sale, and service of tempered glass, laminated glass, tempered laminated glass, tempered insulated glass, curved tempered glass, heat soaked glass, and silk screen printing glass, digital printing glass and so on.

KXG Company has many kinds of glass products and many years of professional experience, it has always been engaged to provide the clients with reasonable glass plans, quality glass products, and technical services like glass installation. Our goal is to provide customers with reasonable prices. The best quality and service.

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