Your Best Glass Manufacturer In China

Plus Glass founding team comes from the Industry Association and has nearly 20 years of experience in the glass industry. Our types include Tempered Glass, Frosted Glass, Laminated Glass, Float Glass, Privacy Glass, Safety Glass, Insulated Glass, etc. At here, your custom glass requests such as shape, color, edge polishing, hole drilling, cutting, and curved all are available.

After years of development, we already have 8 main production bases, including Malaysia’s production base. Based on professional service and uncompromising product quality, our products have been recognized by Fortune 500 companies like IKEA, Sheraton Hotel, Samsung and etc. we will still focus on improving better quality and giving clients the best service.

Our Output continues to increase, and energy consumption continues to decrease. The business idea of sustainable green development has been recognized by the government and customers.

In order to meet clients’ needs, we have increased our investment in advanced production equipment. Currently, we have CNC machining machines, water cutting facilities, automatic CNC drilling machines, dust-free screen printing workshop, laser engraving machine, and glass laminating machine, etc. more equipment will bring continually in the future.

Our products comply with the mainstream international industry standards, such as

  • EN12150 European standard
  • ASTM1048 American Standard
  • GB 17981-1999 Chinese Standard
  • Chinese Compulsory Certification (CCC). IGCC, CSI.

As everyone knows, most of the glass is fragile. You may like many other people worry about they got damaged glass if they import from overseas. We understand all your worries. But at our company, with our rich experience in this area, we can design packaging according to customer orders with your logo or any pattern, saving customers logistics costs while ensuring no shipping damage.

We can help customers relieve all the troubles in transportation. Wooden packing, pallet packaging, heavy-duty carton packaging, open-top container loading, etc. We can ensure that every piece of glass received by our customers is intact. So it’s worry-free for products shipping in our company.

Contact us today to choose your glass products, send your requests to us, we will try our best to give you satisfied products and services.

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